How to Select a Sperm Donor

When it’s time to select a sperm donor, we can help

The road to parenthood is as unique as the individuals who travel it. For some, there’s a little detour necessary to select a sperm donor. At our Newport Beach fertility clinic, Robert Anderson MD and Don Royster MD offer advanced infertility treatment to assist hopeful parents in creating or expanding their families. We offer proven therapies such as intrauterine insemination and IVF, with or without the use of donor sperm.

Who needs donor sperm?

For conception to successfully occur, both partners need to be fertile. For couples and individuals dealing with male factor infertility, donor sperm can provide the missing link needed to make a baby.

Other situations can also warrant the use of a sperm donor. The experienced physicians at our Newport Beach fertility clinic often suggest using donor sperm for same-sex female couples, single moms by choice, and in certain other situations.

  • Single women who want conceive on their own
  • Lesbian couples who want to start a family
  • Couples where the male partner could pass on a genetic illness
  • Couples with known male factor infertility issues

How do you select a sperm donor?

When you decide to use donor sperm, the first step involves choosing the right donor. The process to select a sperm donor begins by deciding if you want a known or anonymous donor. Regardless of what you decide, any sperm donor will undergo rigorous testing to ensure the use of healthy samples during fertility treatment.

If you decide to employ a sperm bank to choose from a pool of donors, we can suggest several that are trustworthy and reputable. With these facilities, donors must provide a full medical history and submit to tests such as blood typing, infectious disease screenings, genetic testing and a semen analysis. Sperm banks also offer detailed information about hobbies, education and appearance to help in the selection process.

Considerations when using a sperm donor

Ultimately, you must weigh a variety of factors to select a sperm donor. We want to support our patients as they make this very personal decision. In choosing a sperm donor, we recommend evaluating several considerations.

  • What traits and characteristics do you feel are most important to pass on to a child?
  • Do you want a familial connection to the sperm donor?
  • How formal do you want agreements to be with the sperm donor?
  • What level of transparency do you want between you and the donor?
  • Do you envision a future relationship with the donor?

The team at our Newport Beach fertility clinic can assist you with your family-building plans. Our fertility specialists will walk you through the whole process, including how to select a sperm donor. Call our office for more information about donor sperm or to make an appointment.