Male Fertility Testing

Male fertility testing can lead to an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment

When couples have trouble getting pregnant, infertility is likely involved. Generally, fertility issues stem from the female partner, the male partner or a combination of both partners. In approximately 40% of all cases, male infertility is the culprit. Robert Anderson MD and Don Royster MD, our Newport Beach fertility center experts, use male fertility testing to solve the mystery of infertility. Armed with an accurate diagnosis, they then offer advanced fertility treatment to assist our patients in becoming parents.

Exploring the different types of male fertility testing

Male fertility testing provides half of the picture of a couple’s overall fertility. A semen analysis is typically the first test for men seeking answers about their reproductive potential. The results give our Newport Beach fertility center experts detailed information about the sperm. This information helps identify male factor infertility.

For this simple laboratory test, the man provides a semen sample through masturbation. Our team then examines the sample to evaluate multiple measures. We look at factors like sperm count, sperm morphology (shape), sperm motility (movement) and pH level.

If your semen analysis reveals abnormal results, your doctor may order further fertility testing or refer you to a urologist for additional evaluation. Some of these tests include the following evaluations.

  • Repeated semen analysis
  • Bloodwork to assess hormone levels
  • Immunological testing
  • Sperm function testing

One advanced sperm function test is the sperm penetration assay. It evaluates whether the man’s sperm is capable of joining with an egg. In a normal sperm penetration assay, more than 20% of the eggs are penetrated. Lower numbers may indicate problems with the sperm’s fertilization potential.

Testing and infertility treatment can provide results

Male fertility testing can help men and couples find the answers they need. It also helps our fertility specialists plan an efficient, cost-effective fertility treatment plan that is the most likely to achieve a healthy pregnancy. If treatment is necessary to overcome male factor infertility, your doctor may recommend intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). In cases where very few sperm are present in the semen, sperm retrieval may provide a viable path to fatherhood.

We understand your desires to create or expand your family. Our Newport Beach fertility center team can diagnose and treat male factor infertility. To learn more about fertility testing, contact our office and schedule a consultation.