Welcome to our Southern California Fertility Center

Preparing for your first visit to our Southern California fertility center

Welcome to our Southern California fertility center. As you take the next steps, our team a hopes to make the new patient process as easy as possible.

To get the most out of your consultation, we encourage you to provide as much information as possible about your medical and infertility history prior to your visit to our Southern California fertility center. One of our doctors will thoroughly review your case before you walk through our doors.

Taking the first steps toward a family

Upon scheduling your appointment, our new patient coordinator will provide you and your partner with a unique Patient Portal username and password. In addition, she will provide you with a checklist to follow that includes the important forms and information that will need to be returned to our Southern California fertility center before your appointment.

  • Medical records request form
  • Insurance card/s and photo ID (patient and partner)
  • Referral, or authorization if you belong to an HMO
  • Signed financial policy, patient agreement, HIPAA, email consent and physician disclosure

Why does our Southern California fertility center need this information?

Dr. Anderson or Dr. Royster will need a copy of your medical records in order to review your history and arrive at a diagnosis and fertility treatment strategy. Many medical practices charge the patient a fee when they request their records; as a courtesy, we will request records on your behalf. Please note that some practices may require at least 7-10 business days to process this request.

We request a copy of your insurance card in order to verify your medical insurance benefits prior to your appointment.

It is always our goal to provide you with a brief outline of your coverage on the day of your new patient consultation.

We understand that finances are a very important part of a patient’s treatment; therefore, we want our patients to be well informed.

If you have coverage for the consultation, we will gladly bill your insurance company for the visit, and only collect your co-payment. If it is determined that you have no benefits, or we do not receive your insurance card before your visit, the discounted fee for the new patient consultation is $275.

A few housekeeping notes

To better serve all of our patients, please arrive at our Southern California fertility center at least 15 minutes prior to your consultation. This will keep all of our appointments running on time!

As a courtesy, we will confirm your appointment via phone and/or email at least two days before. Upon scheduling your appointment, we will ask for a credit card to hold your appointment. You will be charged $100 if for some reason we are not notified within 24 hours to cancel, reschedule, or if you are a “no show.”

Thank you for considering our Southern California fertility center for family-building services. We are devoted to your successful outcome and look forward to meeting you and making your dreams come to life! Please contact our New Patient Coordinator, Merri Ann, at 949-642-8727 to arrange for a consultation.