Fertility Care for Single Men

Achieve your goals of fatherhood with fertility care for single men

Just as no two fingerprints are the same, no two fathers are the same, and the path to parenthood can look very different for each individual. While some men only want to start their families with their ideal partner by their side, others want to explore single fatherhood. At our Newport Beach fertility center, Robert Anderson MD and Don Royster MD can help you reach that goal with comprehensive fertility care for single men.

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Single parenthood by choice has grown for both men and women in the last few decades. Although fostering and adoption are wonderful options, some men desire to have a genetic connection to their child, as well as personal involvement in the pregnancy and birth experiences. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Royster offer their unwavering support to any loving individuals who seek to enhance their lives with the addition of a child.

Fatherhood through egg donation

While single men can raise a child all on their own, biology requires contributions of both a man and a woman to conceive a baby. We help make single fatherhood possible through a variety of fertility treatment options. Fertility care for single men involves both egg donation and gestational surrogacy.

  • Fertility evaluation. Before beginning the actual treatment process, your doctor will take a full medical history, and then ask you provide a sperm sample for a semen analysis. This simple test will allow us to identify any potential male fertility issues.
  • Egg donation. The first step involves selecting your egg donor. Our Newport Beach fertility center carefully selects and screens egg donors, and we provide single fathers with thorough profile information to aid in the selection process. You can also consider a known donor if you prefer, knowing that she will need to complete the screening process before we can proceed.
  • Gestational surrogacy. Once you have picked the egg donor, you will also need to select a gestational surrogate. Your sperm and the donor egg will be combined together in our laboratory, and the resulting embryo will be transferred into the gestational surrogate, who will carry the pregnancy to term.

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Become a father on your timetable. The team at the Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine stands ready to partner with you in this worthy endeavor, offering top-notch fertility care for single men. Call our office for more information on taking the next steps to welcoming a new baby into your life.