Affordable IVF

Affordable IVF and Accessible Fertility Treatment

The goal of our Southern California fertility center is to ensure that our patients receive customized, effective fertility care that leads to affordable IVF for everyone. We don’t believe in a “cookie cutter” approach for prospective parents who are trying to start or add to a family. Instead, we focus on finding the right diagnosis at the outset and delivering the right treatment at the right time to help them fulfill their dreams of having a baby.

Our Southern California fertility center is internationally recognized in fertility care and actually perfected the procedure to biopsy reproductive cells. In partnership with top-notch clinicians at our associated lab, Ovation Fertility™ Newport Beach, we have performed research that shows how to more accurately predict successful pregnancies and healthy babies.

All in all, we provide patients with a quicker path to pregnancy.

Customized IVF for Your Situation

By affordable IVF, we mean applying our vast knowledge gained through clinical work, research and experience to your particular situation for better, more cost-effective outcomes. Consider these scenarios:

No matter what your reproductive challenges are, our Southern California fertility center specialists are prepared to diagnose and treat any condition. Along with our partners at Ovation Fertility Newport Beach, we offer the latest technologies and state-of-the-art facilities for IVF and other male and female fertility treatments.

Lessening the Emotional Toll Through Affordable IVF

Our Southern California fertility team remains committed to treating infertility with the least involved, least invasive and most cost-effective approach. Our caring staff understands not only the financial burden, but also the emotional toll, of going through failed IVF cycles and pregnancy loss.

Particularly for women of advanced maternal age, we recommend preimplantation genetic screening to identify the most viable embryos to transfer back to the woman’s uterus to grow into a healthy baby. And if inheritable diseases are an issue for one or either parent, we can assist with referrals to trusted resources for services such as genetic counseling and preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Bringing Affordable IVF to You

The world of infertility treatment is highly competitive with many choices for prospective parents. Our clinical outcomes speak to our experience in the field, giving you the reassurance that you have made the right decision with proven expertise and the most advanced technology. Contact us to let us talk with you about your customized treatment plan.