The Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine in Orange County

The Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine in Orange County is an independent, full service fertility clinic

Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine specializes in the treatment of infertility, reproductive endocrine disorders and miscarriage. Our Newport Beach office has been open since 1992.  We perform all fertility testing, diagnosis and treatment at the Newport Beach office. If a surgical procedure becomes part of treatment, it may be performed at Newport Beach Surgery Center or Hoag Hospital in Orange County. All fertility procedures are performed at the Newport Beach Surgery Center.

Servicing fertility patients worldwide

Because of our convenient location in the Orange County / Los Angeles area and full range of fertility services, we are treating couples from all over the world including Europe, South America, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, Canada and Mexico.

We can usually coordinate fertility treatment with the couple’s own local physician to minimize travel. Access to the Center is easy through John Wayne or Los Angeles International Airports. There are a number of hotels within minutes of the Center and special rates are available at some of them. The coastal Southern California area has a mild climate. It also has world-class shopping and restaurants and many arts and entertainment possibilities.

Our work ethic and dedication to high-quality fertility care

Our goal is to provide the best possible treatment to those who seek it. We offer an honest appraisal of every couple’s unique situation, realizing that an individual approach is required to maximize chances of success. Therefore, we do not discourage those who may not be the most likely to become pregnant for the purpose of maximizing published pregnancy rates, nor do we recommend the most financially lucrative forms of fertility treatment instead of less involved and expensive alternatives that may be of merit.

This field is rapidly changing and new knowledge and technological advances are constantly becoming available. Dr. Anderson, Dr. Royster and their staff strive to continuously monitor these changes and incorporate the significant breakthroughs into our available fertility treatment options whenever possible. Most importantly, our staff recognizes the sensitive nature of infertility issues and the effects they impose on relationships. At all times, we conduct treatment with compassion and respect.

Our team can help

  • Delivering personalized, sensitive counseling to help them make their best choices
  • Providing the most advanced reproductive technologies
  • Creating a caring and supportive environment

We commit to

  • The highest ethical standards
  • Best quality in technology and treatment
  • Affordable and cost-effective treatment
  • Excellence in our delivery of patient care
  • Success for our patientsQuantcast

Our Mission Statement

The Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine is a team of premier fertility specialists focused on providing patients with personalized care.  The Center has been bringing the most advanced fertility treatments to its patients for over 20 years.  Today, the team is focused on making the “one embryo, one baby” approach a reality.  The combination of the staff’s dedication and optimization of today’s leading laboratory techniques in their state-of-the-art facility are at the core of the Center’s unprecedented 85% success rate.

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