Our IVF Success Rates

SART IVF Success Reports Consolidate Nationwide Outcomes Data

As a member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, SART, our Newport Beach fertility center and partner IVF lab report clinical outcomes and adhere to strict practice guidelines concerning assisted reproductive technologies (ART). The Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine, along with 90% of the nation’s leading fertility centers, provides a summary of the previous year’s data, which is compiled and released the following year.

IVF cycles that took place in the current calendar year release in the SART report in two years later to account for births.

SART collects data annually from fertility clinics across the nation. The organization then condenses this data into reports for each participating clinic.

Interpreting the SART Report

Reading a SART report helps patients become more informed before or during their IVF cycle. To help understand the purpose of SART reports, keep these factors in mind:

  • The reports list both successful pregnancies within a clinic as well as live births. The number of pregnancies will be higher, as miscarriages can sometimes occur before birth.
  • The reports only show the IVF success rates of procedures that involve the handling of both egg and sperm. These includes in vitro fertilization and other advanced reproductive technologies.
  • SART maintains that its reports should not be used to compare clinics. Some clinics are more selective in accepting patients than others, which may lead to higher success rates due to their specific patient pool.

Fertility clinics vary widely in the number of cycles performed, specialty areas and access to advanced techniques and equipment. SART reports can provide a high-level glimpse into nationwide IVF success rates, but we recommend having a conversation with your fertility specialist about the best treatment options for your particular case.

Preliminary 2018 IVF Success Rates

See Our IVF Success Rates at SART here.

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Our Mission Statement

The Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine is a team of premier fertility specialists focused on providing patients with personalized care.  The Center has been bringing the most advanced fertility treatments to its patients for over 20 years.  Today, the team is focused on making the “one embryo, one baby” approach a reality.  The combination of the staff’s dedication and optimization of today’s leading laboratory techniques in their state-of-the-art facility are at the core of the Center’s unprecedented 85% success rate.

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