Low Sperm Count Treatment

Get to the bottom of male infertility and discover low sperm count treatments

Couples struggling to have a baby often assume infertility issues are a female problem. In about one-third of cases, female fertility is a factor. However, in another third of cases, the culprit is male factor infertility, which includes low sperm count. At our Newport Beach fertility center, Robert Anderson MD and Don Royster MD, doctors diagnose male infertility and provide low sperm count treatment.

A breakdown of infertility testing

When patients first visit our Newport Beach fertility center, we start with a consultation and full fertility evaluation for both partners. Female patients undergo bloodwork, an ultrasound and a physical exam.

Male partners will need to provide a sample for a semen analysis. This is the first test to identify male infertility. These results will help your doctor decide on the next steps for infertility treatment planning.

Causes of male factor infertility

With a semen analysis, andrologists examine your partner’s sperm sample for characteristics like quality, pH, motility, shape and count. Generally, men with fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter, or less than 39 million sperm total per ejaculate, have a low sperm count.

If your partner’s semen analysis indicates abnormal sperm levels, your doctor will likely make a referral to a urologist. A urologist is a physician specializing in the male reproductive system. The urologist can perform additional evaluations, such as a scrotal ultrasound, hormone testing, testicular biopsy, anti-sperm antibody tests and post-ejaculation urinalysis.

Exploring low sperm count treatment

If your partner receives a male infertility diagnosis, Dr. Anderson or Dr. Royster can work with the urologist to develop a customized treatment plan. Depending on the cause of your partner’s issue, your doctor may recommend one or more options for low sperm count treatment.

  • Surgery to repair a varicocele or reverse a vasectomy
  • Antibiotics to clear up an infection in the reproductive tract
  • Medications to treat a hormone imbalance
  • Assisted reproductive technology to extract sperm for use in IUI or IVF

Male infertility doesn’t have to end your dream of having a baby. We want to help you and your partner as you travel the path to parenthood. Contact our office for more information on low sperm count treatment or to schedule an appointment at our Newport Beach fertility center.