Embryo Biopsy

Embryo biopsy helps our patients achieve successful outcomes

When you visit our Southern California fertility clinic, we know you’re looking for assistance on your journey to parenthood. Robert Anderson MD and Don Royster MD combine clinical expertise and compassionate care to deliver state-of-the-art fertility treatment. Embryo biopsy for preimplantation genetic testing is one technique our doctors use to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy.

A brief explanation of embryo development

Before maturing into a healthy full-term baby, an embryo must undergo several stages of growth. Embryos begin as clusters of cells that divide as they develop. Our cells are made up of chromosomes, which facilitate regular human development. Typically, human beings have 46 chromosomes, including a pair of sex chromosomes (XY for male and XX for female).

Why do fertility doctors use embryo biopsy?

At our Southern California fertility clinic, testing during IVF can help our doctors transfer the healthiest embryo to the uterus. If an embryo has too many or too few chromosomes, genetic abnormalities can occur. These abnormalities can result in IVF failure, miscarriage and birth defects.

With a biopsy for preimplantation genetic testing, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Royster can increase the chance of having a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

The basics of embryo biopsy

An embryo usually undergoes genetic testing around Day 5. This is the ideal time because the embryo has divided into hundreds of cells. With preimplantation genetic testing, our embryologists carefully remove a few cells from each embryo with a laser. The cells they remove come from the trophectoderm, which eventually becomes the placenta.

Our skilled technicians can send these cells to a genetics laboratory for testing.

We offer advanced fertility treatments to help patients reach their family-building goals. Embryo biopsy and preimplantation genetic testing allow our fertility doctors to help patients become parents. Contact our office to learn more about treatments at our Southern California fertility clinic.