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Complementary services from our fertility nutritionist

The old saying that “You are what you eat” is true. There’s no more important time to care about your diet than when you’re preparing for pregnancy. Many women recognize the importance of diet and nutrition once they have a baby on board. However, getting the right vitamins and minerals is equally important during your fertility treatment. That’s why Robert Anderson MD and Don Royster MD provide the services of an experienced fertility nutritionist as part of his comprehensive approach to care.

Erin Macdonald, registered dietician, works with our team. She ensures that you get the right nutrition to maximize your natural fertility, before and during your fertility treatment.

About our fertility nutritionist

Erin is trained to understand how foods and nutrients affect the reproductive system, so she can help you understand what vitamins, minerals and foods can correct hormone imbalances and improve fertility, and which should be avoided. Her goal is to help you prepare to conceive a child. She also works to ensure that your body can sustain a healthy pregnancy.

In the course of her extensive career, Erin has worked with countless people to improve their health and their lives.

  • Taught group nutrition classes to girls in an inpatient rehab facility
  • Provided individual nutrition counseling for people with eating disorders
  • Spent several years counseling women at Hoag Hospital as a wellness nutritionist

Erin’s latest personal venture, U Rock Girl, has led to a website that helps women nourish the mind, body and spirit. She has co-authored multiple cookbooks, along with many magazine articles about nutrition and health. She also serves as a dietitian for Clean Eating magazine. Through the years, many health magazines, websites and organizations have sought her expertise about nutrition, fitness and wellness.

Eat well, be well

Erin’s integrative approach as a fertility nutritionist includes relaxation, exercise and food to nourish your body on all levels, helping you achieve peak nutrition for yourself and your future baby.

To learn more about how nutrition can boost your fertility, contact us to schedule a consultation with our Orange County fertility nutritionist.

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