Gay Fertility Testing

Men can get on the path to fatherhood with help from gay fertility testing

Our Southern California fertility doctors provide a welcoming and supportive environment for our LGBTQ patients. We tell our patients that knowledge is power, which is why gay fertility testing is the first step of gay family building. Gay men undergo the same fertility tests that heterosexual men do at our clinic. This is because the male fertility basics are the same regardless of a man’s sexual orientation.

The consultation allows our team to gather important information

Meeting with Robert Anderson MD or Don Royster MD is the first step on your gay family building journey. As part of your first appointment, you and your doctor will discuss your medical and family medical history. He’ll also want to know whether you’ve had any past fertility treatments or fathered any children.

This appointment is also a time for your doctor to learn more about how you and your partner would like to be involved in the process. For example, which man wants to provide his sperm for the pregnancy? Know that it’s possible for both you and your partner to provide sperm to fertilize the donor eggs.

The semen analysis is the most important part of gay fertility testing

After you have a conversation with our Southern California fertility doctors, your doctor will order a semen analysis. This form of gay fertility testing provides valuable information about sperm and semen parameters.

  • Sperm count (number of sperm per volume of semen)
  • Semen volume
  • Sperm motility (percentage of sperm moving and swimming in a forward direction)
  • Sperm morphology (percentage of sperm with a normal size and shape)

As part of a semen analysis, you and your partner will each provide a semen sample using masturbation. For the best results, you and your partner should not ejaculate for at least two to four days before providing your samples. Our andrologists will examine your samples and provide a report on the results.

If your semen analysis findings show abnormalities, your doctor may refer you to a local urologist for further testing. If gay fertility testing reveals no problems, the next step is moving forward with in vitro fertilization (IVF) using donor eggs and gestational surrogacy.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about gay family building. Our Southern California fertility doctors are here to support all patients on their path to parenthood.