Father’s Day and Infertility


Father’s Day and infertility underscore the need for male infertility treatment

Father’s Day and infertility underscore the need for male infertility treatmentHolidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can feel like a thorn in the sides of patients and their partners who are struggling to conceive. Often, infertility is seen as just a female issue. However, one-third of cases occur because of male factor infertility. In honor of hopeful fathers, our Newport Beach fertility center experts want to highlight the diagnosis and treatment of male factor infertility.

The 411 on male factor infertility and semen analysis

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for 12 months (or six months if the female partner is over age 35), you should consider meeting with a fertility specialist.

At our Newport Beach fertility center, our doctors will likely recommend female and male fertility testing. Female patients will undergo blood tests, an ultrasound and a complete physical exam.

In contrast, male partners will provide a sample for a semen analysis in addition to routine blood tests. This simple test will assess sperm count, motility (movement), volume, morphology (shape) and other characteristics. If the results reveal abnormalities, we may make a referral to a urologist who is also trained as a male fertility specialist. This is a physician who specializes in the male reproductive system.

Tips for coping with Father’s Day and infertility

As you and your partner struggle to conceive, Father’s Day and infertility can serve as a painful reminder of that missing piece of your family’s story. Consider the following tips for dealing with this difficult day.

  • Share your feelings with your partner or close friends so that you don’t feel so alone.
  • Skip the family gatherings and do something for yourselves like enjoying an outdoor concert or splurging on a romantic dinner.
  • Enjoy a little time by yourself if you need some space to clear your head and process your emotions.
  • Take a step back from your personal struggles briefly by volunteering to help others.

Our Newport Beach fertility center team understands your desire to create the family of your dreams, especially on holidays like Father’s Day. We partner with our patients to help them achieve their dreams of parenthood, including addressing male factor infertility. Call our office to schedule a consultation appointment.

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