Providing Education During Fibroid Awareness Month


Our Newport Beach fertility center shines a spotlight during Fibroid Awareness Month

Our Newport Beach fertility center shines a spotlight during Fibroid Awareness MonthAn estimated 70% of Caucasian women and 90% of Black women will have fibroids by age 50. However, not all these women will develop noticeable symptoms. With such large numbers, fibroids and the connection to female infertility should receive lots of attention, but many women don’t know much about the condition. The team at our Newport Beach fertility center wants to use Fibroid Awareness Month to educate our patients.

What we want you to know about fibroids

These are muscular tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus. Thankfully, fibroids are almost always benign, or non-cancerous. They can range in size from the size of a fruit seed to as large as an orange. There are several symptoms that women can experience.

  • Long, heavy periods
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain during sex
  • Female infertility.

Not all patients will develop symptoms or require treatment for fibroids. However, when a patient does need medical assistance due to this condition, our fertility doctors are here to help.

Answering common questions about fibroids

As part of Fibroid Awareness Month, we want to provide information about fibroids to our patients. Reviewing the following questions and answers can help you learn more about these uterine growths.

How do I know if I have fibroids? Usually, your doctor will find fibroids during a routine exam or if you schedule an appointment because of symptoms linked to fibroids. To confirm the diagnosis and determine the size of the fibroids, your physician may order a test like an ultrasound, MRI and/or hysterosalpingogram (HSG).

Can fibroids develop into cancer? Generally, fibroids are non-cancerous. Less than 1 in 1,000 women will have a leiomyosarcoma, a cancerous fibroid. Having benign fibroids does not increase the risk of developing cancerous ones.

Is a hysterectomy the only treatment option? No, it is not. The treatment for your fibroids will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and location of the fibroids, your discomfort and other considerations. Treatment may include monitoring the fibroids, hormonal or birth control therapy, or surgical removal.

Can I conceive if I have fibroids? Because fibroids develop in the uterus, women who have fibroids may experience female infertility. Our fertility specialists will provide a diagnosis and can then develop a treatment plan to assist you in creating the family you desire.

Fibroid Awareness month matters to us

Because Fibroid Awareness Month is relatively new, it is not well-known across the country. Our Newport Beach fertility center will continue to raise awareness and offer support to our patients dealing with fibroids. Contact our office for more information about fibroids and female infertility or to schedule an appointment.

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