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Our team explains how to give fertility injections

Our team explains how to give fertility injectionsMany people cringe when they hear the words “shot” or “injection.” This may seem like a problem because women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) need multiple fertility shots per cycle. However, simple tips from our Southern California fertility center can take the fear out of shots. Learn how to give fertility injections to yourself or your partner as part of your plan to bring home a healthy baby.

How to give fertility injections

You will give yourself or your partner fertility injections at home, so it’s important to follow our instructions carefully. But don’t worry. Our Southern California fertility center team will show you how to do it and will provide detailed instructions about how to give fertility injections before you leave our office. Here’s a quick look at the basic steps.

  • Make sure your hands are clean.
  • Note whether you should inject subcutaneously (the fat just under the skin) or intramuscularly (into a muscle).
  • Mix or prepare your medications.
  • Make sure you prepared the correct dose.
  • Use an alcohol pad to clean the injection site.
  • Tap on the syringe to release any air bubbles.
  • Pick your injection site.
  • Aim the syringe like a dart into your skin.
  • Inject the medication and carefully remove the needle.
  • Cover the injection site with a sterile pad.
  • Put the used syringe in a sharps container.

Don’t forget to place any remaining medication back into the refrigerator for next time. Take a deep breath. You did it!

Helpful tips

Some women dread the thought of giving themselves injections of medication. In this case, be sure to communicate with your partner about your fears and decide which one of you will give the injections. Then, reflect on the importance of these shots and your desire to have a family.

Here are some other tips about how to give fertility injections.

  • Watch videos online to master the injections.
  • Don’t panic if you have slight bruising or redness at the injection site. This is normal.
  • The first time is the hardest. It will get easier!

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