The Holidays and Infertility – Tips for Coping


Find helpful tips for coping with the holidays and infertility

Find helpful tips for coping with the holidays and infertilityGathering with family and friends during the holidays can be a bit stressful at times. If you’re facing infertility, this time can become even more difficult. These gatherings can be a painful reminder that you’re desperately trying to start a family of your own. Thankfully, our Southern California fertility center has tips for coping with the holidays and infertility.

There’s no reason to put yourself in situations that will make you feel sad or anxious. If you want to spend time with loved ones over the holidays, there are ways to set healthy boundaries. If you need to say “no” to an invitation, that’s okay too. 

Plan how to handle holiday cards

Something as simple as receiving a holiday card may be too much to handle if you’re facing infertility. Decide whether to open holiday cards when you receive them or save them for a day when you and your partner feel stronger. Open them together when the time is right.

Decide how to answer tough questions when facing the holidays and infertility

Sometimes, well-meaning relatives or friends may say something that comes across as insensitive or prying. They may ask questions you don’t want to answer. It’s a good idea to plan for these situations, so you and your partner know how to answer.

For example, one of you may feel comfortable sharing what you’re going through, but the other may be more private. With some planning about the holidays and infertility, you can avoid hurting each other.

Create new traditions when coping with the holidays and infertility

Skipping the big family gathering may upset your relatives, but they’ll get over it. Perhaps it’s time for you and your partner to create some new holiday traditions of your own.

What that looks like is up to you. For example, do you want to spend a cozy and quiet night in, cuddled up by the fire? Or make a special holiday meal together? Maybe you want to make a holiday brunch for two before heading out to visit relatives.

Finding hope for a future family

Dealing with the holidays and infertility can be difficult, but it won’t last forever. Contact us to learn more about fertility treatment and how we can help you on your journey at our Southern California fertility center.

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