Treatment Fees

The SCCRM Approach

We believe that an IVF cycle should be conducted in a manner that maximizes the chance of success and that the price for this should be fair. We therefore have not changed the price of IVF in our program in several years. We also do not attempt to deceive patients with financial plans that are unrealistic or that benefit us more than them. We feel that since the costs associated with infertility are a challenge for most couples, they should only pay for what they need and should get what they pay for.

Making Sense of the Cost of IVF

The cost of infertility treatment is a concern for most people since the majority of insurance plans do not cover most infertility treatments. Even if some insurance coverage is available it often doesn’t help with the most expensive treatments like IVF. This creates a difficult situation for many couples that want to have children but are afraid they may not be able to afford the cost involved with having them. Over the past few years, seemingly attractive financial options have appeared from some infertility clinics, which on the surface make it appear as if the costs associated with the most expensive infertility procedures may be significantly reduced. Unfortunately, most of these plans are deceptive in their claim to offer affordable or discount pricing to couples in need. A closer look at the way a few of the more common purported cost saving plans work reveals that these plans are not really what they claim to be.

Global Fee Structure

We have adopted a Global Fee structure which is tailored for each patient’s treatment protocol. This means that one inclusive price is charged for the IVF cycle.

Below is a list of what is included in the Global Fee:

  • All ultrasounds and blood tests (however many are required), while in the cycle
  • Physicians’ fees
  • Anesthesia for the egg retrieval
  • Surgery center facility fee
  • Laboratory fees.
  • Culture and fertilization of eggs
  • Embryo preparation
  • ICSI
  • Assisted Hatching (If needed)
  • Embryo Freezing

This price Does Not include:

  • All Pre-cycle “Diagnostic” testing, ultrasounds, and procedures.
  • The cost of medications since medication requirements vary among individuals.
  • Special laboratory charges that may or may not be needed such as embryo biopsy for PGS, PICSI or PESA/Testicular biopsy procedures. ‘We have priced these special procedures fairly so that the total cost is not increased by much if they are needed.
  • State and / or federal mandated infectious disease screening

If a second cycle is required, the global fee is reduced by 10%. A third cycle will cost 15% less. In this way, the couple will only pay for what they need, yet will save some money if multiple treatment cycles are needed.

SCCRM’s Three Cycle Package Plan:

The process of in vitro fertilization is difficult for any patient, especially those that do not have insurance coverage to assist in the costs involved. Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine and Ovation Fertility have joined together to offer an IVF/PGS 3 cycle embryo batching program. This program is discounted to help the patients who need multiple cycles to achieve an adequate number of embryos for genetic testing. SCCRM has chosen to offer a global 15% discount for all three cycles allowing for all available embryos to be biopsied fresh without the need to freeze, thaw, biopsy and re-freeze. SCCRM feels this batching program offers an optimized approach for best results with cost savings exceeding the cost of one cycle’s biopsy fee. Frozen Embryo Transfer fees are in addition to the IVF/PGS batching program, however they will not be collected until after completion of three IVF batching attempts.

We believe that this is an honest and fair way to provide a savings for patients who need multiple cycles to achieve a successful outcome.

Please feel free to contact our Billing Specialists for additional information and explanation of this program and all our treatment plan fees: (949) 642-5236