What to Know If You’re Considering Egg Freezing


Southern California fertility center director offers answers to Women’s Health

what-to-know-egg-freezing-blogCouples who want or need to delay having a baby have viable options. Our Southern California fertility center team, led by Dr. Robert E. Anderson, can explain pros and cons of medications, in vitro fertilization, IVF, intrauterine insemination, IUI, and egg freezing to determine what’s best for you.

Expert insights on egg freezing

Dr. Anderson, a widely respected expert in reproductive medicine, was the primary source in a recent Women’s Health article about egg freezing. The April 25, 2016 article lists “11 Things You Should Know if You’re Considering Freezing Your Eggs.” Dr. Anderson detailed for Women’s Health readers how the process works, including the steps, costs, time commitment and possible side effects. He also shared his expert views about the best candidates for egg freezing, why it’s increasingly popular, and when you should think about freezing your eggs for optimal results.

Egg freezing now widely used

Egg freezing is no longer considered experimental and the fertility treatment is attracting growing interest. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology reports that use of egg freezing increased from 475 women per year in 2009 to almost 4,000 in 2013.

Get the details you need

To learn more about whether egg freezing might be right for you, access the Women’s Health article or our own Southern California fertility center materials on candidates for egg freezing and the process. You can also contact us to schedule an in-depth consultation.

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