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Successful sales professional comes to our Newport Beach fertility center to start a family with Preimplantation Genetic Screening, PGS

preimplantation genetic screening patient story While Francesca focused on her education and her thriving career in sales, she was also looking for Mr. Right. She always knew that she wanted to be a mom. However, when Francesca reached her late-30s and hadn’t found someone “to make that commitment with,” she started to think about starting a family on her own.

When Francesca heard about Robert Anderson, M.D., founder of the Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine, she decided to schedule a consultation. She instantly knew that she had made the right choice.

IVF with preimplantation genetic screening helped Francesca build a family

According to Francesca, “From the moment I went to the consultation, Dr. Anderson was so calm.” Francesca also stressed that she never felt judged for wanting to start a family as a single woman.

During her first consultation, Dr. Anderson was straightforward about Francesca’s chances of conceiving, as well as the challenges she could face. A few months later, Dr. Anderson directed an IVF cycle with donor sperm that resulted in seven embryos. After performing preimplantation genetic screening, they discovered that two of the embryos were genetically normal and both of them were girls.

Dr. Anderson transferred one of the embryos.

According to Francesca, “I knew I was pregnant as soon as I left my first transfer.” She added that the pregnancy was uneventful, and she never worried because Dr. Anderson and his team at the Newport Beach fertility center “were on top of it and communicated well.”

Nine months later, Francesca gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Shiloh. “I still can’t believe that this is my life. It’s a dream come true,” she gushed. “Nothing is more rewarding and no love can come close to what I feel for my daughter, and Dr. Anderson gave me this gift.”

That indescribable love is what motivated Francesca to return to Dr. Anderson. She scheduled an appointment to transfer her remaining embryo – and she is now expecting her second daughter.

Francesca can’t say enough good things about Dr. Anderson

Francesca was excited to share her story about her experience with our Newport Beach fertility center because “a doctor like Dr. Anderson can help so many people. I believe in him so much. He changed my life for the better.”

As much as she believes in Dr. Anderson, she also believes in PGS. According to Francesca, “Everyone should have it done. I can’t imagine transferring embryos that weren’t viable and then going through multiple miscarriages.”

In closing, Francesca added, “Dr. Anderson is always the optimist and there is nothing he can’t do. If you truly want a family, he is the doctor to make it happen.”

To schedule an appointment at our Newport Beach fertility center or to learn more about PGS, contact us here.

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