How to Select an Egg Donor


Learn how to select an egg donor

Learn how to select an egg donorYou have many options when considering how to select an egg donor, but the choices and selection process can easily become overwhelming. Some couples use spreadsheets to track every detail, and others have a basic idea of what they want and go with their gut. No matter which method works best for you, you and your partner must feel emotionally ready to make this decision. Our Southern California fertility doctor has some tips to help you select an egg donor.

How to select an egg donor – Anonymous or known

Will you be using a close friend or a relative? If so, be sure to honestly discuss your expectations about the relationship they will have with your child. As part of our recommendations about how to select an egg donor, our Southern California fertility doctor also recommends consulting with an attorney who specializes in reproductive medicine to draft an agreement to outline the rights and expectations of all parties.

If you’re using an anonymous egg donor, be sure to seek out a reputable egg donor program or database with donors who have passed physical and mental health screenings, have given a complete family medical history and have had appropriate genetic and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing.

Another important factor is blood type. Some parents prefer a child with their blood type in case any medical issues arise.

How to select an egg donor – Physical appearance, personality traits and hobbies

Many couples want a child who looks like them. While there are no guarantees in genetics, you can improve your chances by selecting a donor with a certain hair or eye color, or a certain ancestry. You can even select donors by height and weight.

Intelligence is another important trait to consider when selecting an egg donor. Does she need to be a Harvard graduate or have a certain IQ? Some couples also choose donors who enjoy similar hobbies, have an artistic talent, have a favorite book or movie in common, are the same religion, or participated in sports during high school or college.

Location is another factor. Some parents prefer the egg donor to be local, while others want someone far away. Either way, there are laws in place to protect both parents and egg donors.

As you can see, the options are almost endless when deciding how to pick an egg donor. Just remember, your child will grow up to be as special and unique as you are. Ready to get started? Contact our Southern California fertility doctor for an appointment.

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