Who Should Consider IVF with PGS?


Learn more about IVF with PGS

Learn more about IVF with PGSIf you’re having trouble conceiving, have had one or more miscarriages, or have experienced IVF failure, there is still hope. Consider IVF with PGS, or preimplantation genetic screening, at our Southern California fertility center. It may offer the best chance of having a healthy baby.

What is IVF with PGS?

PGS is a form of genetic testing used during IVF at our Southern California fertility center. It helps our team screen for chromosomal abnormalities in embryos and find the healthiest embryo to transfer to the uterus.

IVF with PGS assesses whether an embryo has the correct number of chromosomes. Too many or too few chromosomes could lead to certain conditions such as Down syndrome. PGS can also tell us whether parts of the chromosomes are in the wrong place (translocation). These genetic abnormalities can lead to miscarriages, stillbirths, failed IVF cycles or a lifetime of health and developmental issues for the baby.

Who benefits most from PGS?

PGS is a good option for several types of patients.

  • Women who had multiple miscarriages
  • Couples with failed IVF cycles
  • Those who want to increase their odds of having a successful IVF cycle
  • Women over 30 (because genetic risks increase with age)
  • Patients wanting to do a single embryo transfer
  • Anyone concerned about having a baby with a chromosomal disorder
  • Men facing male infertility

PGS considerations

For many couples, IVF with PGS helps increase their odds of having a healthy baby. However, as with any test or procedure, there are no guarantees. There is a chance of minimal damage to the embryo when the cells are retrieved for testing, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. PGS is becoming a normal part of IVF that helps patients realize their dreams of starting a family.

Robert Anderson MD and the rest of the staff at our Southern California fertility center are happy to speak with you about PGS with IVF. Contact us to learn more.

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