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The flu shot for fertility patients: What patients need to know

The flu shot for fertility patients: What patients need to knowEvery fall, temperatures drop, leaves change and pumpkin spice rules the world. As you prepare for warm fires and holiday fun, we want to encourage you to add another item to your checklists: getting a flu shot. Robert Anderson MD and Don Royster MD, our Newport Beach fertility center experts, recommend the flu shot for fertility patients and those trying to conceive.

Understanding the importance of the flu shot for fertility patients

The medical community, including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), strongly supports yearly flu vaccines for fertility patients and anyone attempting to get pregnant.

This year, the added risk of COVID-19 makes a flu shot even more critical. Contracting either of these viruses while trying to have a baby or during pregnancy could lead to severe complications for the patient and the baby. Our Newport Beach fertility center experts can talk through any specific questions you have about the influenza or COVID vaccines.

Answers to common questions about the flu shot and trying to get pregnant

To assist our patients, we have provided a brief Q&A related to trying to get pregnant and the flu vaccine. We hope you will find the information helpful.

Q: Why should I get a flu shot during fertility treatment or pregnancy?

A: Our doctors recommend that patients and their partners get the flu shot. This vaccine helps to protect you both from the most prevalent strains of influenza during flu season.

Q: Is the flu really that bad?

A: We highly recommend that you get the flu shot to avoid any potential disruptions to your planned fertility treatments. Depending on the severity of illness and timing in the cycle, the flu could result in delays or even cancellation of treatment for a specified period of time. The flu can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women. In fact, it can result in complications, such as acute respiratory distress, hospitalization and even preterm labor.

Q: Do I have to get the flu shot every year?

A: Because the influenza virus mutates each season, people need to receive the flu shot yearly for protection against the dominant strain. For maximum protection, we suggest patients get the vaccine in October or November so that they have at least two weeks to produce antibodies before the flu season peaks.

Receive outstanding care at our Newport Beach fertility center

As you navigate the maze of infertility treatment and trying to get pregnant, the Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine team stands ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. Rest assured that our fertility center experts will offer support and compassion through each step of the process. Contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment or to learn more about the flu shot for fertility patients.

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