Fertility Care for Singles


Our Newport Beach fertility doctors deliver exemplary fertility care for singles

Our Newport Beach fertility doctors deliver exemplary fertility care for singlesEveryone deserves a chance to have a family. Robert Anderson MD and Don Royster MD are committed to offering family-building options for both couples and single individuals. We provide effective treatments and personalized fertility care for singles so that all our patients can have the family of their dreams.

Exploring family-building for single patients

Once upon a time, having a baby involved finding that special someone and settling down together. Thanks to modern technology, singles have various options available to start a family on their own. If you decide to embark on parenthood as a solo venture, rest assured that our Newport Beach fertility doctors will walk with you every step of the way.

Understanding fertility care for singles

For our single patients, donor sperm or donor eggs will be part of any treatment plan. You can opt either for an unknown donor, found through an agency, or a known donor, typically a close friend or a relative. All donors must undergo a rigorous screening process before any treatment begins.

Once you select your donor, you can start exploring fertility care for singles.

Donor sperm IUI. For many single women, donor sperm IUI offers a cost-effective way to have a baby. Once you have selected the sperm donor and we receive the sample, we will monitor your cycle and schedule the insemination procedure for around the time you ovulate.

Donor sperm IVF. Another option available is donor sperm IVF. If donor sperm IUI doesn’t produce results, your doctor may suggest moving to donor sperm IVF. With IVF, you will take fertility medications and undergo an egg retrieval procedure. We will then fertilize your eggs with the donor sperm in the lab and transfer a resulting embryo into your uterus.

Donor eggs with gestational surrogacy. If you’re a single man who wishes to become a father, you will want to consider donor eggs and a gestational carrier. In this case, donor eggs are fertilized with your sperm. Then, the healthy embryo is transferred into the gestational carrier’s uterus, and she will carry the pregnancy to term.

You don’t have to delay your dreams any longer

Starting a family is an important decision. If you want to begin your journey as a single individual, we can help. Our Newport Beach fertility doctors will explain the available treatment, answer any questions and create a treatment plan designed to help you welcome a baby. Contact our office to learn more about fertility care for singles and discuss your family-building options.

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