Fertility Storage Solutions Frequency Asked Questions

Fertility Storage Solutions stores all reproductive material storage services for Ovation Fertility and Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Your reproductive material is safely stored with Fertility Storage Solutions in the Ovation Newport Beach IVF lab. Please read the frequently asked questions list below to easily answer any concerns.

Why am I receiving a bill?
Your reproductive material is currently stored at the Ovation Southern California laboratory and storage fees are applied to maintain reproductive material storage.

Why am I receiving a bill from Embryo Options?
Fertility Storage Solutions utilizes an online billing portal called Embryo Options which allows all patients to pay their bill and download disposition documents.

I no longer want to store my reproductive specimen, what do I do?
Please follow the link in the bill and enroll in Embryo Options. Download the disposition forms and complete, notarize and return to avoid further billing.

Do I have to pay my bill if I no longer wish to maintain storage?
No, if you complete the disposition forms and return within 60 days of initial bill, we will void any fees.

I have never received a bill before, why am I receiving one now?
Fertility Storage Solutions has assumed responsibility for all specimen storage and all specimens stored require payment for continued storage. Moving forward, we are billing without any historical un-billed amounts and monthly fees are now due for continued storage. You may elect to discontinue storage by completing a notarized disposition?

I completed a disposition in the past, why are they still stored and being billed?
Ovation Fertility requires specific notarized dispositions to instruct any final dispositions. We understand in the past the process was different and ask that you complete our required document to enact a final disposition. We will void any fees if disposition is returned within 60 days of billing.

I would like to discuss my account.
Please email support@my-fss.com with your name and date of birth and a staff member will reach out to discuss any concerns. For HIPAA reasons, a HIPAA release will be sent before we can discuss medical specifics.