Fertility Preservation for Breast Cancer


Exploring fertility preservation for breast cancer patients

Exploring fertility preservation for breast cancer patientsEvery October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month highlights the struggles of patients and their families battling this disease. At our Newport Beach fertility clinic, we provide compassionate care and ongoing support to our patients fighting breast cancer. Because cancer treatment can affect fertility, our doctors want to educate patients about fertility preservation for breast cancer patients.

Recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month and celebrating resilience

An estimated 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Thanks to routine screenings, early detection and improved treatment, the prognosis continues to improve for breast cancer patients.

Although advanced therapies continue to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes for breast cancer patients, treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can destroy fertility, often permanently. Fortunately, our Newport Beach fertility clinic doctors continue to stay abreast of the latest infertility treatments, including fertility preservation options. With egg and embryo freezing, patients can focus on beating breast cancer without fearing that they are sacrificing their ability to create or expand their families.

The options for fertility preservation for breast cancer patients

In the past, freezing embryos provided the only real shot for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. While this made sense for women in committed relationships, younger patients and single women often had limited options. A fast-freezing process called vitrification now makes it possible to just protect a woman’s eggs for future use. This gives breast cancer patients more choices related to fertility preservation.

Generally, fertility preservation for breast cancer needs to occur before treatment begins. For either egg or embryo freezing, patients will work with our doctors to regulate their cycles, monitor progress and prepare for egg retrieval. Our physicians will partner with your oncologist to review the recommended options and determine the best timeline for retrieval so that your cancer treatment plan does not suffer.

Our entire team rallies around breast cancer patients and their families

While breast cancer patients fight this disease, our team champions Breast Cancer Awareness Month and stands ready to protect these dreams of parenthood. Our doctors can explain fertility preservation for breast cancer in more detail and answer your questions. Call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.

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