Dr. Royster Takes a Holistic Approach to Fertility Care


Dr. Royster provides a holistic approach to fertility care

Dr. Don RoysterDid you know that the whole picture matters when you’re pursuing fertility evaluation and treatment? So many factors can influence the reproductive health of you and your partner. That’s why Don Royster MD, our new Southern California fertility doctor, takes a holistic approach to fertility care.

“Human reproduction is complex, and there isn’t just one cause of infertility. As a result, I take the time to explore both traditional and non-traditional causes of infertility during the initial evaluation with each patient,” Dr. Royster explains.

The fertility evaluation helps Dr. Royster develop the best treatment plan for you

When you first visit our Southern California fertility doctor, you can expect to spend time talking about the medical and reproductive history of you and your partner. This is a critical component of Dr. Royster’s holistic approach to fertility care.

“My goal is to ask both partners questions that can provide information about what could be causing a patient’s fertility struggles. I dive deep to look for causes that might not be readily apparent,” Dr. Royster says. “Sometimes, the smallest detail could be the key to reaching an accurate infertility diagnosis.”

Dr. Royster will also order various diagnostic tests as part of the fertility evaluation. “These tests can range from semen analysis for the male partner, to bloodwork and an hysterosalpingogram (HSG) for the female partner. They provide information that a discussion alone cannot reveal.”

A holistic approach to fertility care also involves exploring different solutions

Every patient is unique, which means that the same treatment plan won’t work for everyone. Our Southern California fertility doctor makes sure that his holistic approach to fertility care involves a discussion of each patient’s family-building options.

According to Dr. Royster, “With my patients, I review their test results and discuss their fertility treatment options. During this discussion, I focus on low-cost, high-yield solutions to family expansion that are tailored to each patient’s unique diagnosis, goals and budget.”

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Royster, contact us. He and the rest of our team look forward to providing you with world-class fertility care.

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