Our Top Tips for Mother’s Day and Infertility


Helpful hints for dealing with Mother’s Day and infertility

Helpful hints for dealing with Mother’s Day and infertilityWith spring flowers in bloom, Mother’s Day often conjures up images of smiling babies, laughing children and family brunches. For the 1 in 8 couples struggling with infertility, this holiday can also be a sad reminder of their difficulty with having a baby. Our Newport Beach fertility doctors are here to offer compassion and support for our patients as they handle the anxieties around Mother’s Day and infertility.

The silent impact of struggling with infertility

For our patients and their partners who are trying to conceive, infertility can cause feelings of emptiness and discouragement. The weeks and days leading up to the second Sunday in May are generally filled with Hallmark images of mothers, babies and blissful celebrations. Trying to deal with Mother’s Day and infertility can add another layer of sadness and disappointment.

Tips for managing Mother’s Day and infertility

As we approach Mother’s Day, our Newport Beach fertility doctors want to offer suggestions on dealing with this challenging day. Consider the following advice.

Take a mental health break. Remember that it’s okay to turn down family gatherings or brunches with friends if they are centered on the moms in your life. Choose to spend your time in a way that will bring you joy instead of causing distress.

Reconnect with your spouse. With the focus on moms and babies, Mother’s Day is a great time to plan a romantic dinner, take a long hike together or go off for a weekend getaway with just the two of you.

Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself to well-deserved pampering over Mother’s Day weekend. Book a massage, curl up with a good book or have a shopping trip.

Focus on the positives. Struggling with infertility can cause you to fixate on the one thing missing in your life. Try to reframe your outlook and concentrate on other uplifting aspects of your world like your career, partner, friends and extended family.

Navigating Mother’s Day and infertility can be a challenge. The Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine is with you for every step of your family-building journey. Contact our office with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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