How Long Should I Wait to See a Fertility Doctor?


Find out how to know when to see a fertility doctor

Find out how to know when to see a fertility doctorUnderstanding when to see a fertility doctor is an important part of a patient’s journey to parenthood. Often, patients who seek support from our Southern California fertility clinic as soon as they meet certain criteria have a better chance of developing a healthy pregnancy. Seeing a fertility doctor at the ideal time can also help minimize cost, stress and confusion.

When to see a fertility doctor

A variety of factors indicate a person should schedule a consultation at our Southern California fertility clinic. These factors suggest the person could be experiencing fertility challenges that require the support of a specialist.

Women under 35 trying to conceive for over a year. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommends healthy women under the age of 35 with no known reproductive health issues see a fertility doctor if they’ve been trying to become pregnant for over a year.

Women 35 or over. A woman should seek the care of a fertility doctor if she’s aged 35 or over and has been trying to conceive for six or more months without becoming pregnant.

Certain medical conditions. Those with fertility challenges, such as sexual dysfunction, amenorrhea (lack of a period) or pelvic disease, could benefit from the care of a fertility doctor.

Egg freezing candidates. Another factor impacting when to see a fertility doctor is the desire to preserve fertility. A woman should consider egg freezing if she’s in her 20s or early-30s and would like to postpone motherhood. It’s also a good option for women who are at risk of premature ovarian failure or need to begin chemotherapy or radiation.

What can you expect during a consultation with a fertility doctor?

If you are struggling to develop a healthy pregnancy or are considering egg freezing, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our Southern California fertility clinic. During this consultation, a fertility doctor will review your medical history and discuss your past attempts at pregnancy.

The doctor will also share information about fertility evaluations that might help them determine why you’re having fertility challenges. In addition, our clinic provides a brief outline of your insurance coverage during this initial visit. With our support, many patients go on to fulfill their dream of parenthood. Contact us for more information about when to see a fertility doctor.

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