When to Freeze Your Eggs

Our team can help you learn when to freeze your eggs

Although female fertility peaks in a woman’s 20s to early-30s, many women want to spend this time traveling, focusing on their careers and finding the right partner. If this is true for you, our Newport Beach fertility clinic experts can help you have a baby when you feel ready. Advances in assisted reproductive technology allow our doctors to offer fertility preservation through egg freezing. As a part of this process, our team can help you decide when to freeze your eggs.

Egg freezing for fertility preservation

While women have more choices for their career paths and personal lives, the biology of the female reproductive system still operates on the same timetable. In the past, fertility preservation offered limited options outside of embryo freezing. However, innovations in reproductive medicine have made it possible for our Newport Beach fertility clinic to offer egg freezing.

We will partner with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for fertility preservation. If you are, our team will help you decide when to freeze your eggs and how to proceed with the next steps.

When to freeze your eggs

While deciding when to freeze your eggs is a personal choice, we want to offer some guidelines to help you make informed decisions. Our Newport Beach fertility clinic finds that egg freezing is typically best for women in their 20s to early-30s. This is the age range when most women have peak fertility.

However, every woman is a little bit different. Some women have a shorter reproductive window, while others may have a longer one. For this reason, our team will order some basic testing if you want to pursue fertility preservation. Your results will help you and your doctor decide the best time to freeze your eggs. It will also help your doctor determine what dosage of fertility medications will be best for you.

Understanding the process

Once you decide to undergo the egg freezing process, your doctor will order initial bloodwork and an ultrasound. The actual fertility preservation process involves ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and freezing.

Throughout treatment, we will monitor your progress with ultrasounds and blood tests. For the retrieval, you will receive sedation, and your physician will perform the outpatient procedure in our office. After the egg retrieval, skilled embryologists will freeze your eggs for later use.

Your medical care and peace of mind are the top priorities at our Newport Beach fertility clinic. We will always ensure that you are fully informed on the pros and cons of any procedure you consider, including egg freezing. Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment.

Find Out if You are a Candidate for Egg Freezing


MicroSecure Vitrification

Our Southern California fertility center conducted a laboratory study that compared our MicroSecure Vitrification with the slow freezing method for egg freezing.  The study was performed by SCIRS (now Ovation® Fertility).  Results showed that our vitrification method yielded a survival rate of 90% for egg survival after thawing.  Subsequent to thawing, those eggs had an 81% rate of fertilization. After transferring an average of just over two embryos per patient, we achieved a 39% implantation rate, and a 47% rate of live births, resulting in healthy births and babies who exhibited normal patterns of childhood development at their 1-year physical examinations.

Read more about the study here.