Coping with Infertility and Mother’s Day


Facing infertility and Mother’s Day

Facing infertility and Mother’s Day - Tips for coping with infertility and Mother’s DayIf you’ve been having trouble getting pregnant, you may be dreading Mother’s Day. As it draws near, you’re bombarded with images of happy, smiling families everywhere you turn. It seems as if everyone has a perfect life, even though you know it’s only a fancy marketing ploy. Even so, you can’t shake that feeling of sadness and disappointment that this day brings. You wonder if your day will come and when your dream of starting a family will come true. Our Southern California fertility doctor and our caring staff understand how you feel.

Tips for coping with infertility and Mother’s Day

Use this opportunity to celebrate the unique and special woman you are. What have you accomplished over the last year that makes you proud? Did you run a half-marathon? Did you complete a significant project at work ahead of schedule or under budget? Did you and your partner take a memorable trip or buy a new home? Take time to reflect on the wonderful moments in your life.

Here are some other tips for coping with infertility and Mother’s Day.

  • Pamper yourself with a spa day or a relaxing bath at home
  • Cook a special meal with your partner or go to your favorite restaurant
  • Take a day or weekend trip to a place you’ve been wanting to go
  • Spend a lazy day on the couch watching movies
  • Adopt a pet or visit an animal shelter
  • Volunteer for a cause you care about
  • Plan an outing with your mother or mother-in-law
  • Hang out with friends or take a girl’s trip

Doing something you enjoy or spending time with people you care about will make it easier to cope with infertility and Mother’s Day.

Reach out if you need to

If you don’t feel like doing anything, that’s okay too. Just remember you’re not alone when facing infertility and Mother’s Day. Search for an online support group or talk to your partner, friends and family. If you’re dealing with severe depression, anxiety or feelings of hopelessness, you may want to seek professional counseling. There’s no need to suffer in silence.

 No matter where you are on your journey to start a family, our Southern California fertility doctor can help. Contact us for more information about IVF or any of the other services we offer.

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